Spirax Sarco 0664191 Cast Iron Ball Float Steam Trap, 1 in, NPT, 145 psig, 275 deg C

Steam Traps
121960 MFG #: 0664191
883.00000 / ea

The FT range of ball float steam traps from Spirax Sarco are the most popular mechanical steam traps in the world. The new FTGS14 has been designed to offer perfect condensate drainage and air venting for process, heating and mains drainage applications. With a substantial network of experienced steam specialists in the world, Spirax Sarco can support you in the effective use and operation of your steam and process plant.

  • Features
  • Low cost of ownership stainless steel base for longer life, low maintenance and minimal system downtime
  • No live steam loss achieved by self aligning valve and water seal
  • Erosion resistant Improved design with simplified flow paths to reduce erosion
  • Work efficiently on both light and heavy condensate loads
  • Compact in size
  • Discharge capacity is high and continuous, ensuring maximum heat transfer
  • Ball float steam traps are the best choice for draining plant with automatic temperature control
  • Standards/Approvals: European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC Standards