Bell & Gossett Bear Trap® B1125A Cast Iron Inverted Bucket Steam Trap, NPT, 250 psig, 450 deg F

Steam Traps
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  • Features
  • Completely drains condensate at saturation temperature
  • Open bucket design will tolerate moderate water hammer
  • Normal failure mode is open
  • Sediment and dirt are kept in suspension until discharged with condensate
  • Only two moving parts, lever assembly and bucket, leads to reliable operation
  • Does not subcool condensate
  • Marginal air handling during start-up
  • Cycles fully open or closed, which can create noise
  • May lose prime during light loads and blow live steam
  • Requires manual priming to provide water seal
  • Standards/Approvals: Mil WW-T-696-E Type I, Style B, Class 1-7
  • Applications: For efficient condensate drainage of industrial process and HVAC equipment, heat exchangers without a modulating steam regulator, high pressure applications, drum type roller dryers, steam separators, laundry equipment, siphon or tilting kettles