RectorSeal® BREAK OUT™ 73551 Anti-Seize Compound, 0.5 pt Brush Top Can, Bronze

Anti-Seize Lubricants
19921 MFG #: 73551
19.46000 / ea

BREAK OUT™ is an excellent high temperature anti-seize and lubricant. It is made from an exclusive formulation of pure polished micro fine copper flakes and graphite particles dispersed uniformly in a highly efficient non-volatile lubricant base. It is the ideal solution for the industry wide problem of lubrication, corrosion protection and easy breakout in extremes of temperature and pressure.

  • Features
  • Easy break out without galling threads from -65 to 1800 deg F
  • Contains no lead
  • Recommended for stainless steel up to 550 deg F
  • Will not run, drip or settle out even on hot surfaces
  • Contains extreme pressure additives and a high temperature, corrosion resistant grease to resist rust in harsh environments
  • Creamy consistency for easy application
  • Standards/Approvals: Mil A-907E
  • Applications: For use as an anti-seize and lubricant for such applications as steam turbines, superheat lines, shackles, hatch covers, pins and dies, sliding bearings, bolts, nuts and screws, bushings, U-bolts, studs, pipe fittings, gaskets, taps, flanges, unions, chains, valve stems, cylinders, heads, boilers, furnaces, engines, autoclaves, reactors and heat exchangers