GYLON® 3545 White Microcellular PTFE Class 150 Full Face Gasket, 4 in

PTFE Gaskets
29068 MFG #: 3545-4
41.99000 / ea

The GYLON® 3545 is a highly compressible microcellular PTFE with a rigid PTFE core for improved handlability. The GYLON® 3545 designed to compress and conform to irregular or damaged surfaces, making it suitable for flanges that generate lower compressive stresses, such and glass lined flanges and equipment.

  • Features
  • Highly compressible PTFE outer layers seal under low bolt load
  • Compressible layers conform to irregularities, especially on warped, pitted or scratched flanges
  • Rigid PTFE core reduces cold flow and creep
  • Withstands a wide range of chemicals
  • Can be cut from larger sheets, reducing inventory costs and expensive downtime
  • Rigid PTFE core facilitates installation, especially on large diameter flanges and hard to reach areas
  • Standards/Approvals: ABS Listed, FDA Approved
  • Applications: For strong caustics, strong acids, hydrocarbons, chlorine, cryogenics, glass lined equipment, low bolt load applications