Turbotorch® 0386-0335 Swirl Torch Kit, 3 in Soft Solders, 1-5/8 in Silver Brazes

Torch & Torch Kits
382765 MFG #: 0386-0335
446.00000 / ea

Turbotorch® Torch Kit, Series Extreme®/Model X-3B, Air Acetylene, Swirl Flame, 3 in Soft Solders, 1-5/8 in Silver Brazes Capacity, Valve Position: Rear, Connection: CGA-200

  • Features
  • This line of kits has been the industry standard for decades
  • Reliable and well engineered, the standard line of kits combines our extreme swirl technology with a traditional manual lighting torch
  • All tips feature quick disconnect couplings and color coded o-rings for gas identification
  • Includes AR-B (CGA 520) regulator, G-4 handle, AH-12 hose, A-3 tip, A-11 tip, soft solders to 3 in (75 mm), silver brazes to 1-5/8 in (40 mm), B-tank connection, instruction manual
  • Applications: For HVAC, high capacity applications