Viega MegaPress®G 26001 Carbon Steel Street Reducer, 3/4 in x 1/2 in, Fitting x Press

404808 MFG #: 26001
22.68000 / ea

Viega MegaPress®G is the only press fitting system for black iron pipe approved for use in gas and fuel oil applications. Viega MegaPress®G joins black iron pipe reliably through the engineered design of the fittings and the use of the press tool. No more manual tightening is needed and that allows you to relax when the job is over, confident that every connection is secure. Flameless and clean, Viega MegaPress®G fittings for black iron pipe can be installed while the system is live, which means you don’t need to shut a system down completely before making connections.

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  • HNBR sealing element
  • Smart Connect technology
  • Provided with 304 stainless steel separator ring and 420 stainless steel grip ring
  • Makes secure connections in less than 7 sec
  • No oil or heavy threading equipment needed
  • More than 100 different configurations
  • Connections can be made wet or dry
  • Standards/Approvals: ABS Listed, ANSI LC4, ASME B31, CRN OA14541.6, CSA 6.32,CSA B149.1, GL Certified, IAPMO LC4, ICC LC4, IPC, IMC, LR Certified, NFPA 13, 13D, 13R, 31, 54, 58, UMC, UPC Listed
  • Applications: For use with ASTM SCH 5 - 40 black iron pipe in compressed air, fuel gas and heating oil