Black Swan® 04085 No-Hub Sealant, 1 qt Can, Amber

173333 MFG #: 04085
32.19000 / ea

Black Swan® no hub sealant is an amber colored, smooth flowing, semi viscous liquid for use as a coating on black pipe to improve leak free sealing of no hub couplings. The high performance polymer resin compound is elastic and resists vibration and temperature change.

  • Features
  • Fast drying sealant that cures by solvent evaporation resulting in an elastic membrane that adheres to both pipe and coupling gasket, providing a flexible adherent membrane coating
  • Gaskets on non-porous surfaces may be taken apart at anytime without injury to sealed surface
  • Resistant to motor oils, hydraulic fluids, water, steam, diesel fuel oils, aviation fuels, aliphatic solvents, antifreeze, and gasoline
  • Clean pipe of dirt and debris
  • Assemble joint quickly while no hub sealant is still wet
  • Pressure test often so as to eliminate possible large failures
  • Applications: For use on aluminum, brass, steels, copper, epoxies, plated metal, fiberglass, black pipe, galvanized pipe, glass, wood, paper, felt and cork material