Gestra® Carbon Steel Thermostatic Steam Trap, Flanged, 32 bars, 400 deg C

Steam Traps
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These traps work with the extremely responsive GESTRA thermostatic capsule. This enables them to perform drainage tasks where the requirements for control quality are very exacting. Condensate is discharged reliably and almost immediately.

  • Features
  • Very sensitive response characteristic
  • Automatic air venting
  • Installation in any position
  • High hot water capacities even with low differential pressures
  • With tandem seat for low condensate flowrates
  • Built-in non-return valve
  • Stainless steel internals
  • Standard capsule "N" discharge the condensate with virtually no banking up
  • Dirt strainer with large surface area (Y-strainer)
  • Comes with single seat/blow off valve
  • Applications: For use in saturated steam pipes, trace heaters, heating coils, air heaters, steam roller presses/iron presses, tyre presses in larger condensate flowrates