Gruvlok® 0390162881 Lubricant, 10 oz Tube, White/Translucent

General Purpose Lubricants
373207 MFG #: 0390162881
152.89000 / ea

Gruvlok® Xtreme lubricant has been developed for use with Gruvlok® couplings in services where improved lubrication is beneficial. This lubricant has an operating temperature range from -65 to 400 deg F, well exceeding the temperature range of Gruvlok® gaskets. This lubricant is water proof, thereby eliminating water wash out and it will not dry out in the absence of water.

  • Features
  • In low temperature applications the gasket will shrink, thereby lowering the sealing force on the gasket sealing lips
  • Lubricant has been formulated from low viscosity, non-petroleum based oils to ease spreading of the lubricant
  • Lubricant is the only Gruvlok lubricant that is to be used with Gruvlok couplings and gaskets in HDPE and copper piping systems
  • Lubricating film enhances our flexible coupling gasket's ability to compensate for axial, transverse and rotational pipe movements
  • Low temperature capability and lubricity ensure a highly reliable connection
  • Lubricant is a Teflon fortified white, tasteless and odorless grease made from silicone oil and other ingredients that are safe to ingest
  • Standards/Approvals: NSF/ANSI 61 Certified
  • Applications: For Gruvlok couplings in services where improved lubrication is beneficial