Hercules® 40215 Cutting Oil, 1 qt Can, Dark Brown

Cutting Oil
75458 MFG #: 40215
13.80000 / ea

Hercules® cutting oils contain activated sulfur to provide anti-weld properties, reduce friction and prevent excessive heat generation, thus minimizing material expansion resulting in illfitting joints. The high film strength of Hercules® cutting oils maintains a continuous contact of the lubricant with the work assuring quick, accurate and high quality cuts with minimal tool wear. Lubricants contain no nitrosamine forming compounds or chlorinated oils.

  • Features
  • Contains activated sulfur lard and extreme pressure anti-wear additives
  • Free of chlorine and other halogens, PCBs and heavy metals
  • Better heat dissipation
  • Long lasting formula with less residue backup
  • Cutting oil is compounded for cutting clean, unbroken threads when using high speed threading machines on steel or brass pipe
  • Low torque means less work, less heat generated and a longer life for tools
  • Standards/Approvals: USDA Complies
  • Applications: For sawing, drilling, turning or thread cutting with all types of metals