RectorSeal® 17432 Medium Dry Pipe Thread Sealant, 1 pt Brush Top Can, Black

Thread Sealing Compound
109561 MFG #: 17432
51.60000 / ea

RectorSeal® No.7® is a slow drying, soft setting thread sealant specifically formulated for corrosive chemicals. It is impervious to freeze damage and will not harden with age.

  • Features
  • Easy application brush top applicator
  • Soft setting
  • Lead free
  • Breaksout easily without damaging threads
  • Resistant to alcohols, gasoline and hydraulic fluid
  • Will not dry out in the can
  • Standards/Approvals: AMS-S-7916, TT-S-1732
  • Applications: For use on a variety of metal piping including iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum