Spirax Sarco BPC32 Carbon Steel Thermostatic Steam Trap, NPT, 465 psig, 572 deg F

Steam Traps
486.00000 / ea

The standard welded stainless steel element is self adjusting over the entire operating pressure range and will discharge condensate at approximately 22 deg F (12 deg C) below saturated steam temperature. The element is resistant to waterhammer, and up to 572 deg F (318 deg C) steam temperature can be tolerated by this trap.

  • Features
  • Horizontal installation
  • Robust design of the internals gives a good life expectancy
  • Adjust automatically to varying steam pressures
  • Excellent air venting characteristics during plant startup and during normal operation
  • Large discharge capacities for their size
  • Standards/Approvals: DIN 17243 C22.8
  • Applications: For use in kitchen and laundry equipment, steam tracers, hospital equipment, steam coils, steam radiators and steam main drip stations