Spirax Sarco FTI-125 Cast Iron Float Thermostatic Steam Trap, FNPT, 125 psig, 450 deg F

Steam Traps
474.00000 / ea

The Spirax Sarco FTI contains a float valve mechanism which modulates to discharge condensate continuously at steam temperature while non-condensable gases are released by a separate internal balanced pressure thermostatic air vent. The inline piping connections simplify installation.

  • Features
  • Inline horizontal piping configuration
  • Extremely versatile traps
  • Work efficiently on both light and heavy condensate loads
  • Compact in size
  • Discharge capacity is high and continuous, ensuring maximum heat transfer
  • Ball float steam traps are the best choice for draining plant with automatic temperature control
  • Applications: For use in air heating coils, heat exchangers, steam main drip stations, small process equipment, particularly when controlled by a modulating temperature control valve, replacement of less efficient inverted bucket traps on unit heating equipment