Stauff® SP-426.9-PP-DP-AS-U-W4-K Stainless Steel Plated Polypropylene Pipe Clamp, 3/4 in

Pipe Clamps
444808 MFG #: SP-426.9-PP-DP-AS-U-W4-K
23.00000 / ea

Original Stauff block clamps according to German Industry Standard DIN 3015 (Part 1), designed as a construction kit for the installation of pipes, tubes, hoses, cables and other flexible or rigid components with the most common metric and imperial outside diameters from 6 - 102 mm/0.24 - 4.02 in.

  • Features
  • Cover plate DP with hexagon head bolts
  • UNC thread
  • Metal parts made of stainless steel V2A
  • Components packed in kits
  • Single weld plate installation
  • With weld plate
  • Applications: For quick, easy and secure pipe, tube, hose and cable installation