To honor God in all we do by:

  • Caring for People
  • Continuously Improving 
  • Growing Profitably 

Eastern Industrial Supplies opened its doors in 1980 in Greenville, SC. Independently owned and operated, growth has led the company into markets including NC, SC, FL, GA, TN, and AL.

Specializing in the quality distribution of pipe, valves, fittings and commercial plumbing products, Eastern focuses on exceeding customer expectations through God-honoring values of honesty, integrity, caring, self-responsibility and being positive. The company focuses on a culture of caring in which “people” are always more important than “profits”.

Eastern is also a proud member of Affiliated Distributors and an owner-member of SupplyForce.



What we do is important, who we are and how we do it is critical. The following 28 fundamentals are how we plan to fulfill our purpose of having a positive impact on the lives of others. 

1. Give Back

2. Make Quality Personal

3. Care Deeply

4. Check Your Ego at the Door

5. Do the Right Thing, Always!

6. Work on Yourself

7. Listen Generously

8. Speak Straight

9. Lead By Example

10. Show Meaningful Appreciation

11. Assume Positive Intent

12. Anticipate Change

13. Honor Commitments

14. Seek Clarity

15. Make Wise Choices

16. Work Smart

17. Be Proactive

18. Practice Blameless Problem Solving

19. Be a Fanatic About Response Time

20. Collaborate

21. Be Relentless About Improvement

22. Think Safe. Work Safe.

23. Take Care of the Customer

24. Communicate Personally

25. Be Process-Oriented

26. Deliver Results

27. Be Positive

28. Keep Things Fun