Can I access my invoices and statements without registering for an eCommerce account?

Yes!  Please use this link to access our Billtrust Billing Portal directly.

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How do I get eCommerce access using our company account with Eastern?

Use the "Register" link at www.easternfirst.comProvide your company account number with Eastern, complete the remaining questions, and submit.  You will receive either a “Next Steps” email once processed or other communication indicating that your company has not registered for eCommerce access yet.


How does my company register for eCommerce access?

Contact our eCommerce Support Team at or 864-312-3777,  requesting either an email with our “Customer Onboarding” form link or a phone call from one of our Customer Service Representatives.


Can I check out as a guest?

Yes.  Use the “Checkout as Guest” link from within your shopping cart.  You can also register for a free eCommerce account at any time.

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Searching for products.:


Eastern has provided two effective methods to search for products:

Alphanumeric word-based search

Menu led search


You can search by an Eastern part number, your part number (requires prior setup), manufacturer part number, UPC code, and/or partial product descriptions.  


When using partial product descriptions;  start simple and at the highest product level, such as, “Pipe”, then add “PVC”, then add “Sch 40”, then 2” or 2in, to arrive at “Pipe PVC Sch 40 2in”.  Similar search results are obtained when searching in reverse: “2in Sch 40 PVC Pipe”.


Note:  Eastern utilizes a Parent/Child product relationship scheme.  Anytime you see a product part # that ends in the letter “P”, it is a “Parent” product meaning there are “Child” products, representing various different sizes, of the “Parent” product.  For example: part # 2859P is PVC SCH 40 Pipe 20 ft Plain End. The Children of this Parent product are the different “Nominal Sizes” available, such as 2” or 3” sized pipe.

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Why do I see a range of prices for a product?

That means you have selected a “Parent” product.  In order to see the product-specific pricing, you must select a “Nominal Size” first.

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Why do some products have “Available in 1-3 days” and what does this mean?

Products with “Available in 1-3 days” are not in stock for the selected branch but will be automatically transferred to that branch from another one of our locations.  This transfer usually happens within 1 business day but may take 2-3 days in some instances.

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Product Lists:


What is a product list?

A product list is a saved list of items that may be ordered together multiple times (stockroom stock orders, assemblies requiring the same parts repeatedly).


How do I make a product list?

Simply select a product you need to add to a list and click "Add to Product List." Either add to a preexisting list or create a new list. Existing lists can be accessed under My Product Lists on the top ribbon. Once created, you can add the entire list to your cart.

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How do I change my shipping location?

Once you have the items you need in your cart, select "My Shopping Cart" from the top ribbon. You can change the branch your selected items will ship from under the "Selected Branch" header. Note: Item availability will update in real-time as you change your selected branch. If you want to change your default shipping location, please contact a Customer Service Representative.


How do I change my shipping method?

Select "My Shopping Cart", then "Checkout".Verify Billing Customer and Job Account, and select "Next" to proceed to the Shipping Methods Page. Note: Displayed shipping charges on this page are estimations and subject to change. Certain shipping methods will not be available with some items.

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Where can I find literature on a product?

Any applicable products will have specification sheets/brochures at the bottom of their respective product pages.

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Request for Quote:


What happens if I request a quote?

All quote requests will be sent to an Eastern Sales Associate to review and returned ASAP.  Please submit a quote request for job pricing, specific lead times, emergency service, or any other special circumstances.

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Shopping Cart:


Why was my quantity changed when I added my item to the cart?

Some products have minimum order quantities or are rounded up to fulfill shipping requirements. This is typically for pipe & tubing (to round up to full lengths) or box quantities of smaller items.

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Customer Support:


Who do I contact if I need help?

Contact a Customer Service Representative using the Live Chat icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. If your issue regards specific account information, the CSR will contact the appropriate associate for support.


I can't remember my password and am unable to login

Click the "Forgot Password" link on the Sign In page. You'll receive an email with a link to reset your password.


I can't remember my User Name

Send an email to and include your name, your company, and your username/ password combination will be updated.

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Return Request (RMA):


Once logged into your account: 


Select the "My Account" link

Then click on the "Order History" link (under the Manage Orders section) 

Select any order with a status of "invoiced" or "paid"

Click on the "Return Request (RMA)" link

Enter the product quantity to return and reason for each product being returned.

Type any notes in the "Return Notes" box.

Click the "Send Return Request" button when done.


An Eastern Customer Service Representative will contact you with further instructions.


You can always contact our eCommerce Support Team at or 864-312-3777.

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