Eastern’s Fabrication Department has the ability to straight cut or miter cut pipe up to 16″ diameter. We can thread carbon, galvanized, and stainless pipe up to 4″. We can roll groove 2″-24″ in carbon, galvanized, or stainless and 2″-6″ copper pipe. These services make getting special order nipples and fittings a whole lot easier. We also provide pipe coating and wrapping for gas service. Our Fabrication Department located in Greenville, SC handles the needs of all our locations. Give us a call today to learn more. 

Sheldon Jefferson - Charleston, SC

“Eastern is the first company I’ve ever worked for that shows they sincerely care about their associates and the associates’ families. I’ve been searching my whole life for a company […]
image of threading machine

Linda L. Lake, C.P.M - Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Eastern Associates do an excellent job of communicating and going the extra mile with service. It is a pleasure doing business with professionals at Eastern!!”