RectorSeal® SureSeal® 97041 Black HDPE Trap Seal for Floor Drains and Floor/Mop Sinks, 2 in, Slip

Drain Parts & Accessories
267077 MFG #: 97041
42.45000 / ea

The SureSeal® inline floor drain trap sealer is the green solution for replacing failed trap primers and quickly and easily solving problem associated with drains. SureSeal® eliminates the need for expensive trap primers yet blocks the emission of noxious sewer gases from backing up into living or work areas. It is very cost effective, and much simpler to maintain than a tradition water trap primer providing the ultimate flexibility in design, placement, and maintenance of floor drains in nearly all applications.

  • Features
  • SureSeal protects against the spread of dangerous bacteria like Salmonella and deadly infectious diseases like SARS which are believed to be caused/spread by sewer gases
  • Resistant to lime scale and microbiological growth
  • Patented engineered design creates no effective restriction on water flow
  • Blocks dangerous and noxious sewer gas emissions from backing-up into living or working areas
  • Successfully tested with common cleaning solutions and other chemicals approved from drain disposal
  • Eliminates complex, time consuming and expensive installations
  • Stops drain odors and bugs
  • Simple 1-piece installation
  • Patented pressure relief valve
  • Proprietary silicone diaphragm and soft EPDM rubber sealing gasket
  • Installs into the outlet of drain bodies, or drain hubs to protect the trap seal from evaporation
  • Creates a physical barrier that blocks sewer gases and their odors from escaping
  • Provides waterless trap seal protection equivalent to water based trap primers
  • Patented memory hinge
  • Standards/Approvals: ASSE 1072 AF GW, IAPMO C-4165
  • Applications: For use in all commercial and residential floor drains and floor/mop sinks