Bradford White® 265-48641-00 Upper and Lower Thermostat Kit for M230R, M250T, M2HE40S, M2HE65R, LD30R, LD120R Water Heaters

Water Heater Parts & Accessories
267926 MFG #: 265-48641-00
38.71000 / ea

Bradford White® Upper and Lower Thermostat Kit, Suitable For Use With: M230R, M240S, M240T, M250S, M250T, M265R, M280R, M180R, M2120R, M120L, M130L, M230L, M140L, M240L, M150L, M250L, M2HE40S, M2HE50S, M2HE65R, M2HE80R, LD30R, LD120R and LD50L Water Heaters