Irwin® 4935108 High Speed Steel Multi-Material Jobber Length Drill Bit, 1/4 in, 4 in L

Drill Bits
269931 MFG #: 4935108
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IRWIN multi-material drill bits drill through just about any type of material out there brick, block, tile, metal, wood, plastic and marble, they’ll even drill through multiple materials at the same time. These versatile bits are designed specifically for rotary drilling, but are tough enough to be used with hammer drills.

  • Features
  • Carbide tip has a unique diamond ground, 4-facet design with sharper cutting edges for centered starts with no walking, fast drilling, and excellent hole quality in a variety of materials
  • Double milled flute ensures fast, efficient removal of drilling dust and debris to increase speed and prevent clogging
  • Compatible with all standard 1/2 in and 3/8 in chuck drills
  • Applications: For corded or cordless drills in multi material applications such as brick, block, ceramic tile, marble, wood, dry wall, gypsum board, limestone, slate, plastics/reinforced plastics, sheet metal, and cast iron, can also be used in hammer drills