Plain Carbon Steel Curved Pipe Covering Protection Saddle, 10 in x 2 in, 1800 lb

Pipe Protection Shields & Saddles
83.42000 / ea

Curved Pipe Covering Protection Saddle, Model 162, Load Capacity: 1800 lb, 2 in Thickness, 2 in Insulation, Carbon Steel, Plain, 650 deg F, 12 in L, Center Line of Pipe to Outside of the Saddle: 7-5/8 in

  • Features
  • Permits finished, weather tight covering at all points of pipe support
  • Side edges are turned up
  • Standards/Approvals: A-A-1192A (Type 39A and 39B), ANSI/MSS SP-58/SP-69 (Type 39A and 39B), WW-H-171-E (Type 40A and 40B)
  • Applications: For use with 10 in pipes, use on insulated high temperature systems where heat losses are to be kept to a minimum and to protect insulation against damage