MegaPress® 26020 Carbon Steel Reducer, 1-1/2 in x 3/4 in, Street Fitting x Press

404689 MFG #: 26020
47.97000 / ea

The first carbon steel press fitting systems approved for both water and gas applications, Viega MegaPress® helps save time and labor on the job site. Viega MegaPress® fittings can reduce installation time by as much as 60%, with no need for heavy equipment or messy cutting oils. Make easy, secure, consistent black iron pipe connections in less than seven seconds with Viega MegaPress® systems.

  • Features
  • Carbon steel press fittings with corrosion resistant coating
  • Makes secure connections in less than 7 sec
  • Provides consistent reliability
  • Reduces cleanup no oil or metal shavings
  • Provides safety no fire watches or burn permits
  • Cold press connections are clean and not contaminated with thread cutting oil or metal filings
  • Standards/Approvals: ABS Listed, CRN 0A14541.5 A/B, CSA B149.1, FM Class 1920, IAPMO PS117, ICC-ES PMG-1124, NFPA 13, 13D, 13R, TSSA/ASME B31.1, TSSA/ASME B31.3, TSSA/ASME B31.9, UL 213
  • Applications: For chilled water, hydronic heating, fire protection, low pressure steam, heating fuel oil, natural gas, compressed air, fire sprinkler, low pressure steam, vacuum, non-medical gases and fuel oil and also use with SCH 5 - 40 carbon steel pipes