Because you Care Day - Ryan G goes on a Field Trip to Salem


At Eastern, each employee is given five days per year to do mission-type activities. These days are called Because You Care Days and here’s one story of how our employees use these days to support their family and community.

I chaperoned my daughter Kiley’s field trip to Old Salem Historic District in Winston-Salem.  We got to learn about a lot of history about the Moravian culture in the late 1700’s.  We got to visit the shoemaker, the gun shop, the pottery studio, and the bakery.  All of the people were dressed for the period and taught us about their crafts.  We also got to visit the single brothers’ workshop where single boys went to learn a trade and some eventually left to get married.  It was a very informative experience and very interesting to learn about how the people lived over 200 years ago.

~Ryan G