Hercules® 45333 Hand Cleaning Towel, Clear, 12 in x 10 in, Dispenser Tub

Towels, Wipes & Rags
105622 MFG #: 45333
14.31000 / ea

Hercules® For Hands™ hand cleaning towels require no water, scrubbing or rinsing, and they dry immediately with no residue. Towels are manufactured of high strength, non-woven cloth saturated with a mild, but heavy duty cleaning liquid.

  • Features
  • Easily remove industrial paints, epoxy and polyester resin, lubricants, adhesives, tar, printers inks, sealants, grease, oil, grime, caulk and flux
  • Softens and removes plastic pipe cements
  • Non-abrasive material does not irritate hands, aloe vera, vitamin E and lanolin moisturizers leave hands soft and smooth
  • Formulated for and preferred by plumbers
  • Contains no harsh solvents
  • Will no leave scratches or marks on surfaces
  • 70 count
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Standards/Approvals: ISO 9001 Certified
  • Applications: For used to clean surfaces such as steel, aluminum, laminates, wood and others