Keckley 316 Stainless Steel Class 600 Y-Strainer, FNPT, Domestic

Wye Strainers
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Keckley Y-strainers are furnished standard with drain connections and pipe plugs. Most commonly, Y-strainers are fitted in the field with nipples and drain valves to permit the strainer screen to be cleaned while the system is still in process. By opening the drain valve while the system is under pressure, the debris trapped in the screen is "blown" through this connection helping to reduce system shutdowns for maintenance and cleaning.

  • Features
  • Features a machined groove in both the body and cover for proper screen alignment and to ensure accurate reseating when servicing is required
  • Standard perforated 304 stainless steel screens are spot welded along the seam for maximum strength
  • Strainers are constructed from rugged 316 stainless steel castings and are machined to exacting specifications
  • Self cleaning is accomplished by opening the plug or valve connected to the blow off outlet
  • Threaded cover connection
  • Strainer has a straight threaded cap and is furnished standard with a NPT blow off connection
  • Standards/Approvals: ASME B16.34
  • Applications: For steam, water, oil or gas where protection from foreign matter in a pipeline is required