Lamons SpiraSeal® WR-300 Yellow Carbon Steel/Graphite Class 300 Spiral Wound Gasket

Flange Gaskets
7.64000 / ea

SpiraSeal® gaskets are made of alternate plies of preformed metal and a soft non-metallic filler. The metal winding of the gasket is formed into a "chevron" configuration allowing superior resiliency and self adjustment when compared to conventional gaskets. The density of the SpiraSeal® gasket can be varied to meet virtually any requirement. Electronic controls on Lamons' SpiraSeal® machines assure high quality precision welding with equal spacing, the correct number of metal plies on the gasket inside periphery, proper ratio of metal to filler, proper number of metal plies on the outside and at least three spot welds on the 0.0. The soft non-metallic filler is essentially flush with the metal winding on both contact faces of the gasket, thus producing a smooth sealing surface.

  • Features
  • Series WR gaskets consist of a winding with a solid metal outer guide ring
  • Outer guide ring acts as an anti-blowout device, provides radial support for the spiral wound components, and acts as a compression gauge to prevent the spiral wound component from being crushed
  • Standards/Approvals: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.20
  • Applications: For used on plain flat face or raised face flanges