Ohio Valve 4800SEL Ductile Iron Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve, Wafer, 200 psi, -30 to 275 deg F

Ductile Iron Valves
1227.00000 / ea

  • Features
  • 1-piece thru shaft ensures dependability and positive disc positioning
  • O-ring provides further prevention of stem leakage
  • Set screw stabilizes seat to prevent movement
  • Bonding of elastomer to phenolic backing ring protects against distortion, a common cause of shaft leakage
  • Bushings furnishes shaft support for positive shaft alignment and actuator support
  • Precision taper pin ensures a positive, vibration proof shaft to disc connection
  • Precision profile disc provides bubble tight shut off, assures minimum torque and longer seat life
  • Non-collapsible, stretch resistant, blowout proof
  • Wide flange face sealing area provides a tight flange-to-valve seal without the use of gaskets
  • Controlled torque seat allows tight shut off with minimum movement of the seat material to reach the closed position in the center of the seat for ease of actuation
  • Wide sealing area around the shaft provides a positive seal isolating the shaft from the media
  • 29 inch Hg vacuum service
  • Standards/Approvals: API 609, MSS SP-67, MSS SP-25
  • Applications: For industrial applications